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Production tips for filmmakers

Film funding / subsidy
This is the complement to: equity capital, coproduction, licensing, loan, funding by a film production company, crowdfunding (with or without service in return), sponsoring. A combination of various types of financing models is possible as well, matched to the individual requirements of a production.

EU-wide subsidy

Germany-wide subsidy

Regional subsidy in charge for the states of Germany

Finding / hiring film professionals

International (and Germany-wide)

Regional databases with film professionals, separated by the states of Germany

Some tips for the film shooting

The sound is recorded with a directional microphone which is mounted to a boom pool. If the situation allows, lavalier microphones can be used in addition or as an alternative. The sound recording should be monitored with a headphone, constantly, to prevent recordings of poor quality which may involves expensive dialogue replacement (known as "ADR") as a consequence.

Mind stabilisation of the camera, even then when the camera is moving. Shaky images are an esthetical production flaw, which will annoy your audience.

The choice of the image resolution depends on the destination format. Mind that the image resolution of a distribution media is increased every few years. If you choose a higher resolution than required to meet your current production needs, then you can distribute your production for a longer period of time.

These production tips will expanded, every once in a while.